Beat The Broncos

By Steve Mavin for Bunnies TV.

Bad news broke today, Jai Arrow has a rotator cuff injury that could end his season. Best case scenario is 4 weeks so fingers crossed that Jai can be back sooner rather than later.

Arrow has been replaced in the starting lineup by Tallis Duncan and Shaquai Mitchell comes onto the bench.

One Job

On Thursday night in Brisbane, the Rabbitohs have one job…beating the Broncos. The bookies have the home side as firm favourites at Suncorp Stadium. The Rabbits are the underdogs and will be desperate to get the 2 points in prime time. Can they do it? I believe they can.

Siliva Havili will come off the bench against the Broncos.

At training this week I’ve seen a determined group who know they can compete with the best the NRL has to offer. In round one they were in command of the game but let an 8 point lead slip at the business end. This can’t be allowed to happen again.

One job…beat Brisbane.

The Team

The South Sydney Rabbitohs are pleased to announce their squad for round two of the 2024 NRL Premiership against the Brisbane Broncos to be played this Thursday 14 March at 8pm AEDST (7pm Brisbane) at Suncorp Stadium.

The South Sydney Rabbitohs’ squad for the round two clash with the Broncos is:

  1. Latrell Mitchell
  2. Alex Johnston
  3. Isaiah Tass
  4. Richie Kennar
  5. Jacob Gagai
  6. Cody Walker
  7. Lachlan Ilias
  8. Junior Tatola
  9. Damien Cook
  10. Sean Keppie
  11. Keaon Koloamatangi
  12. Tallis Duncan
  13. Cameron Murray (c)
  14. Siliva Havili
  15. Davvy Moale
  16. Shaquai Mitchell
  17. Thomas Burgess
  18. Michael Chee Kam
  19. Taane Milne
  20. Jye Gray
  21. Peter Mamouzelos
  22. Dean Hawkins
    Coach – Jason Demetriou
Souths trained on Sunday.

Beat The Broncos.


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  • Thanks for providing a great service. I love being able to see all the pathway videos, player interviews et al.

    After another loss in the second round , I’m interested in your thoughts on the Rabbitohs rarely playing at Accor and the potential impact that may had had on their form. Perhaps you could cover this in a future blog or video.

    Since the commencement of the Rabbitohs horror run on 19 May 2023 with the loss to the Eels on 19 May 2023, and up to and including the round two loss this year to the Broncos, the team has played 19 games with only 4 of those at Accor. Sadly, the team lost all those four.

    Are we a team without a home? We seem to be playing like that?