Firstly I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the sacred land on which the Koori Knockout was played, the 13 tribes of the Yuin Nation.

Koori Knockout Debut

2022 Koori Knockout Highlights.

After spending 3 days at the 50th Koori Knockout down at Bomaderry on the NSW South Coast I can report that I am completely sold on the concept. In future will do my best to return each year from now on no matter where it’s held.

Koorie legend Marty Walker.
Marty Walker

Yes the ground was a terrible muddy mess. Yes and all the playing fields weren’t in the same location but this didn’t dampen my enthusiasm for the event. This competition is a feast of fabulous footy and just an enjoyable way to spend a portion of your October long weekend.

Viral Footage

The footage I shot from the sidelines has been extremely popular, so far the combined view total just on our Bunnies TV TikTok has surpassed 5 million. That’s a lot of eyes watching Koori Knockout highlights.

Trell Mit in Bomaderry.

It helped when the digital content I created featured NRL stars like Latrell Mitchell, Cody Walker, Josh Addo-Carr and Ben Barba displaying their incredible skills.

Flying Foxx.

Big rugby league names weren’t the only ones to shine in the Bunnies TV footage. Young Bourke Warriors prop Dylan Lauri featured in a viral video that is approaching 1 million views at the time of writing.

We shared our videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok with a massive viewer response. This prompted the huge amount of views, likes, comments and further shares like our show has never seen before.

A Benny Barba = Brenton Baira special.

Flying Walgett winger Brenton Baira was another young bloke who lit up the small screen along with a host of other highly talented indigenous players.

Koori legend Joe Williams.
Joe Williams.

The champion La Perouse U15s, various womens teams, people in the crowd, a security guard and a policewoman were among those who also made cameo appearances in our coverage.

Koori Knockout panorama
Koori Knockout panorama
Koori Knockout Bomaderry.
Looking down on field 1.

Thank You

So if you’re reading this and have helped us out by appearing in or interacting with one or more of our posts I’d like to thank you very much!

By Steve Mavin reporting for Bunnies TV.

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