By Steve Mavin reporting from Bomaderry on the NSW South Coast at the 2022 Koori Knockout.

All the day 1 footage.

The rain began to pour as I waited in the ticket line to gain entry into my first ever visit to the Koori Knockout but nothing was going to dampen my enthusiasm to get in there and watch a few games, take a few pics and shoot a bit of footage.

A heavy track at Bomaderry Sports Complex.

My first fall in the mud happened only minutes later when, after spotting Latrell Mitchell out on the field for Walgett, I attempted to find a better spot down an embankment only to find out the hard way that the ground was a real bog track. Just my luck that people saw it happen too.

Footage of Dylan Lauri playing for Bourke Warriors went viral.

After dusting myself off I made my way around to the other side of the field only to find myself arse up in the mud again in front of another group of bemused onlookers that were momentarily distracted from the superstar Rabbitoh on the field of play.

I moved on and managed to steady myself long enough to film ‘Trell Mitt’ kicking a brilliant goal then catch the action as Ben Barba offloaded to put the ‘Taree Ferrari’ over for a four pointer. This footage went viral and was re-shared by the Rabbitohs, Daily Telegraph and others.

On field 2 as the action began I captured the first and second tackles of the Bourke Warriors v Maitland United game and this footage featuring Dylan Lauri also went viral. Bourke were way too good and went on to hammer Maitland 72-0

In total across all our channels and re-shares the footage from day one is approaching 1 million views, not bad for an event when the iPhone 13 that I used to capture it all copped a mud bath on arrival.

My plan for day 2 is to watch my step and just point and shoot again, stay tuned.

Latrell Mitchell led Walgett to victory over South Coast.

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