We have a new domain name and website!

The evolution of our show continues with the creation of a brand new domain name and website bunniestv.au

Please bookmark our new website address and disregard our old rabbitohsradio.com.au site. Our new site still needs some fine tuning but you’re reading this article on the site now so it’s at least up and running with plenty of upside to come.

To test the site we released our Kangaroos article during the Rugby League World Cup.

Our new banner with QR Code and new domain name website address.
Our new domain name bunniestv.au is born!

In the beginning…

We began as Rabbitohs Radio in July 2019, uploading our weekly podcast, buliding an audience and learning a whole lot along the way.

From the beginning we knew that we needed a network to share our show so we opened Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn & TikTok accounts. All of these social media platfroms have subsequently shown steady growth in followers that continues to this day.

By the end of 2021 our YouTube channel surged past the one thousand subscriber mark. What began as an audio podcast had soon grown into a show that could be watched. It was for this reason that we made the decision to change from Rabbitohs Radio to Rabbitohs TV, we were never an actual radio station so while we are also not actually a TV show either we felt that the new title more accurately descibed who we are.

Bunnies TV hosts Darren Brown, Grant Chappell & Steve Mavin - New Domain & website creators.
The Bunnies TV team – Darren Brown, Grant Chappell & Steve Mavin

The word TV tells people they can watch us and we gain a wider audience in the process. We still always stress the point that you can watch or listen, the choice is yours.

New Domain Name And Website bunniestv.au

During the 2022 season we had a request from the Rabbitohs to add the word FAN to our title. The reason for this was to let people know that we are not associated with the club and we obliged, changing our name again to Rabbitohs Fan TV.

By the end 0f 2022 we decided to let the club use the word the Rabbitohs and we finally arrived at our last change of title, Bunnies TV.

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Georges Cameras image appears on our new website bunniestv.au
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By Steve Mavin – stevem@bunniestv.au


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  • Thanks so much for the great interviews bunniestv. Very impressive every one of them, South’s future’s looking good. Really enjoyed Shaq’s interview. What an impressive young man. His love and respect for the Bunnies shines through. The Mitchell’s are South Sydney, they belong here. Looking forward to a successful 2023. Thanks again guys.