The Kid From Karuah

Shaqueil Saunders and Eric Simms both come from Karuah near Newcastle and both can indeed play rugby league better than most. Simms is a Rabbitohs legend who changed the rules of the game. Shaq is a 17 year old kid who scored one of the best tries ever seen on a footy field at the 2022 Koori Knockout (see below).

The try!

Wearing the number 6 for Combined Countries Shaqueil chipped and regathered twice to score. The first kick off the right foot was caught on the full. The second kick was cleverly struck off his left foot with the perfect bounce back into his arms in full flight. It was pretty to watch and drew the league worlds attention straightaway.

The footage of the try subsequently went viral and we, not surprisingly shared it on Bunnies TV. It’s been reported that young Shaq was not only elusive on the field but somewhat hard to catch off it as well.

The Rabbitohs eventually got their man and Shaqueil Saunders was given an opportunity to show what he can do at Redfern. Officials and fans will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on the boy for whom basically the sky is the limit.

The Kid From Karuah - Souths Sign Next Eric Simms
Mark Ellison (Rabbitohs), Shaqueil Saunders & Gavin Orr (Pacific Sports Management) at Redfern Oval. (shaqsaunders_ Instagram)

Souths Over The Moon

Gavin Orr from Pacific Sports Management revealed Saunders will play SG Ball for the club next season. The aim is to then progress through the ranks. This will provide a chance of playing Jersey Flegg through the second half of the season likely if he plays well in the under-19s competition.

“The club has obviously had plenty of brilliant young Aboriginal players down the years and we thought they would be the best fit,” Orr said.

“He is still young and will play in the SG Ball Cup next season. He is a special talent and the club are certainly over the moon to have him.”

Shaq Saunders and Turza Donovan training at Erskineville Oval.

Support From Latrell, The Foxx & Cody.

It was earlier reported that Shaqueil Saunders has support from Latrell Mitchell and also Josh Addo-Carr. We can confirm the youngster has met Cody Walker before (see image below) so it will certainly be nice to see them finally become teammates one day.

The Kid From Karuah - Souths Sign Next Eric Simms
The Kid From Karuah Could Be Next Eric Simms – Shaqueil Saunders & Cody Walker at the 2022 Koori Knockout. (shaqsaunders_ Instagram)
Shaqueil Saunders (right) carved them up playing for Combined Countries at the 2022 Koori Knockout.

By Steve Mavin Bunnies TV

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