Charlie ‘Reggie Rabbit’ Gallico

The Bunnies TV collection featuring Rabbitohs club legend Charlie Gallico also known as Reggie Rabbit.

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Cameron Murray & Charlie Rabbit lead the team onto the field.
Cam Murray & Charlie lead the team onto the field.
Charlie and the kids at the post match members show.
Charlie in the Rabbitohs Centrte.
Charlie 'Reggie Rabbit' Gallico
The Rabbit.
Charlie Rabbit.
Charlie 'Reggie Rabbit' Gallico.
Copyright Bunnies TV
Charlie Gallico and a young fan at the post match members show.
The Rabbit runs into Reyno.

Charlie Rabbit The Movie

The man, the Rabbit and the Rabbitohs. Charlie has been South Sydney’s Reggie Rabbit since 2002, but it’s his impact on the Club and community that will always last a lifetime. Watch Charlie Rabbit The Movie here.

Charlie Rabbit the movie
The movie!
Charlie Rabbit and Cass Heslop
Charlie Rabbits & Cass Heslop.
Alex & Chicka. Copyright Bunnies TV.
Alexis Mavrantonis & Charlie Gallico at Redfern Oval.
The Reggie Rabbit tribute.
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By Steve Mavin for Bunnies TV.

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