The Fall Of South Sydney

By Josh Kemp for Bunnies TV.

It’s 10:00pm Friday night. Leaving the stadium to head back to the Juniors. Walking through the crowd dominated by Red, White and Blue. Listening to banter flowing at our expense. 

How Did We Get Here?

From leading the competition round 11 last year. In that winning run beating Penrith, Broncos and the Storm. To now on the bottom of the competition after losing our first 3 games of the season. Now a losing run of 5 in a row. 

Where Does The Problem Lie?

How does a South Sydney side not stand up and come out firing for this local derby? Surely there is all the motivation you need. To top it off a milestone game for our captain Cam Murray. 

The Fall Of South Sydney
How did we get here?

You can accept losing as a fan as long as the effort is there. Sadly it seems at times there was effort lacking. 

First Tackle Penalty

From the first set we were up against it. First tackle of the game giving away a dumb penalty. The last thing we needed. Like so often since round 11 we concede off the back of a penalty or error. 

This set the tone for the game. We were never in it. 

Even the start of the second half an error and like clockwork we concede another try. 

Reading through social media there was plenty of frustration and anger from the fans. This is nothing new after a loss though. Although you can’t blame the fans. 


If JD wasn’t already feeling the pressure he certainly will be now. 

It is worrying signs for him. It is hard to see how he is able to get the team to turn this around. He wasn’t able to last year and after the offseason wasn’t able to turn it around to start the year. 

Extended highlights.

It’s hard writing this as JD is a very likeable guy. But we know that this is a results driven business and the coach is usually the first domino to fall. 

He isn’t alone though. A few players really need to take a good hard look at their own form. Take responsibility for that in turning things around. More so the more experienced players. 

The likes of Cody Walker, Latrell Mitchell and Damien Cook really need to put their hand up. They are the key to turning this around. 

We Look Fatigued

The fitness of the side really needs to be questioned. We look fatigued so early in games. The resilience in defence that was there early last season is a distant memory. How could we be like this so early in the season? 

Then the lack of speed. Even AJ looks like he has lost pace. 

We keep hearing about how things inside the 4 walls are all good. Yet the 80 minutes on the field tell a different story. 

Dropping Lachlan Ilias for Dean Hawkins really didn’t change much at all. Whilst the other issues stay the same it won’t matter who the halfback is though. This is why I hope that JD sticks with Dean for the next few weeks at least. 

Jye Gray

One bright note is the form of Jye Gray. If you haven’t already watch the highlights of the NSW Cup game from Friday night. He was by far the stand out in that game. Only a matter of time before we see him in the 17 for the NRL side. 

Next week it’s the traditional Good Friday game against the Dogs. Already a must win game. Even a win won’t stop the outside noise, but will be a step in the right direction.

The Fall Of South Sydney
In happier times with Patricia.

The Fall Of South Sydney.


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  • Looking from the outside, the coach appears to have lost the playing group. If that’s not the case, then the players no longer care about the badge on the front, and are more interested in the name on the back.
    You need to be a cohesive team to win NRL games,.and at present that’s not what you see in the field. Our forwards,.don’t bend the opposition, don’t look to break through. So, if the coach can’t find the switch, then they will need to switch coach. I like JD, he appears to have the game plans and the process but it appears that his man management is not what it needs to be.

  • We know where the problem lies. Mitchell is not a fullback. Play him in the centres and strengthen the backline. Bring Jye Grey in now at fullback, he may be the spark we need.
    Mitchell won’t like it but JD needs to make some tough calls.
    Illias had to be replaced, he is not first grade quality. Hopefully Hawkins will settle in.
    And hold the ball, stop the stupid penalties, that would be a start.