The Run Continues

By Josh Kemp for Bunnies TV.

Who could have seen us in this position after being 1 and 9 after our loss to the Cowboys in Magic Round? 

We were stone motherless last. Trying to avoid the wooden spoon. Not knowing when our next win was coming. Finals footy was the furthest thing from our minds. 

Here we are five wins and two byes later sitting just 2 points outside the top 8. Should the Dragons lose today it will stay that way.

All of a sudden our season has hope. Finals footy is starting to be talked about again. Whilst there is still a long way to go and our points differential is hurting us, it’s great that here we are being excited about our football team once again. 

The Turn Around

The biggest turn around has been our attitude in defence. You see a difference how they are all playing for each other. Even when the opposition break through our line it’s our scramble that gets us out of trouble. 

The Run Continues
The view from the Burrow at CommBank Stadium.

Thursday night highlighted how much our defence had improved. Parramatta had us on a number of occasions, only for that extra effort prevent a try.

The best of the night was when Richie Kennar came from nowhere to intercept the ball by knocking the ball back. Not far behind that was the effort by him and Jacob Gagai in stopping Jake Tago in what looked certain to be a try. 

These are the efforts that were missing for much of this season. 


Another area that has been the biggest improvement is our kicking game. Helped by our forwards laying a platform. Then there is the kick chase and at the way we are competing for the ball. 


The forward that has been the leader in laying the platform has been Keaon Koloamatangi. Once again making well over 200 metres. That is the 5th week in a row. It will be hard to move him away from the middle now. 


The efforts of Jai Arrow can’t go unnoticed. What he is putting himself through each week is something you have to appreciate.


 Jack Wighton was close to our best the other night. Outside of one poor miss in defence he was in everything. Scoring tries and stopping threatening situations with great tackles. 

Souths on Sunday live.


Latrell Mitchell was one again such a big influence on the game. To think we have since learnt that he played 60 minutes of that game that will see him missing at least a month to possibly being a season ending injury. Just highlights how impressive his game was. Setting up tries, scoring them and kicking goals.


 Jacob Gagai 12 months ago looked like he was only going to be a career Reserve Grade player. A testament on the hard work he has put in to get himself here. He is proving to be a decent player. That pass for Jack Wighton’s first try was as good as it gets. Then there was the put down for his second try. 

That try had several names involved that you don’t often speak too much about. Taane Milne with the late offload and the pass by Michael Chee Kam to put Gagai away. Speaking of Michael Chee Kam that offload to Cody Walker just on halftime was great. 

It’s great seeing the depth players standing up and playing a great support role to the superstars. 

Never In Doubt

This was another game where the result never looked in doubt. Although being a Rabbitohs fan we always have those nervous moments. It is great though to see that resolve back. 

The Run Continues
All smiles in the Burrow again.

Now we move onto the Dolphins. A win there will all of a sudden see us move just 2 points behind them. Whilst we will be without Latrell and Cam Murray, opportunities present themselves to the likes of Jye Gray and Liam Le Blanc.

The Run Continues.

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